Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation has officially started.
It's after 10. I'm fighting to keep my eyes open. Sitting here on the computer. Because I'm too tired to put my kids to bed. I've said "Let's go to bed" 10 times to my daughters, at least, kids say "Okay" to keep me quiet, and nobody moves.
We had a fun busy day. First my sister came out with her daughters, aged 2 and 5. She wanted to get some stuff done around the house that's hard to do with a two year old under your feet. Then one of my brothers came out to visit. He drove on my son's dirt bike out in our back field, where my husband (and sons!) designed a dirt bike track to practice on. And finally, my sister and her friend came out with my other sister's three kids.
So yes, a noisy but fun and tiring day.
A day I was supposed to spend cleaning  my house because with me working, things do NOT get done. Hard to find a clean dish in the cupboard if I work more than three hours. No joking.
Dirty dishes? Yeah, easy to find. All over the house.
Is everyone in this house old enough to put them away when they are finished eating?
Yup. Everyone is.
Do they?
Who's fault?
Half mine. I've always done it. Nagged, but still did it.
So not only did my house not get cleaned, it kind of got a little messier.
Oh well. There's always tomorrow.
After work.
After I go to town and see my nephew fly in for the summer! Yay! Missed him.......All of my 'out of town' family. Love my big family.
So maybe tomorrow won't be the day things get done.
Some will.
As for now, I am thanking the stars I don't have another lunch to pack for two months!
And another plus - I slept in til 7:30 this morning! So exciting!
Not tomorrow. Or the next day............
But Monday I will be sleeping again.
Tonight. I've got a couple of hours in me yet.
Let's go write another chapter!
Sounds good to me.
Oh wait.
"Girls? Girls? Let's go to bed........"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

YA Book Blog Tour Officially over!

And there's another new experience in writing done!
This has been an exciting year for me with all my firsts. It's been a year since I published The Blurs, my first middle-grade novel, my first book-signing at my local bookstore, my first illustrators, my first book-blog tour.......
That's a lot of firsts!
And learning. Too much learned and more learning coming. Seriously, my mind sometimes doesn't know if it can handle it all. Sometimes it feels like as much as stuff is going in, there's more leaking out through my ears. Sad but true. I hope it's not really gone, but some days.........
It's almost time for school summer vacation, and this will be the time for me to 'think' about what I will be writing in September. By then, White Magic should be all typed out and in the editing stages. I should be finished the outlines for the next two in the series, but I'm stuck for names. Driving me nuts. I haven't decided if I want them to be 'White' somethings, or colour somethings, like 'red fury' or 'blue memories', not that those are the titles, they just popped into my head. Uh oh, I wonder if something else just popped out.........what was I doing today?
Oh right! The book blog tour! The name of this post!
Completely forgot that for a minute. The blogs posted wonderful reviews, and I was quite pleased with the comments. And loved the banner!
Doesn't it look great?
Well, it's 6:30 in the morning, I'm finished my coffee, so its back to work I go (can't you just hear the seven dwarfs -hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go! - hee hee!).
To write?
Nope. Not yet.
To find my cupboard - where the heck did all those dishes come from!
Have a great day, and any ideas about titles are soooooo welcome!