Tuesday, May 27, 2014

uh oh!

Okay. Here's the thing. I was supposed to start work a month ago. I didn't. No calls, no explanations. I only hope the owners are healthy.
So no work for the summer? I'm not sure! I will put my scary resume out to a couple of places, but it might be too late. Yipes!
Of course that leaves me tons of time to write. Right?
What about the kids being being home for summer vacation? Ever think of that? Huh?
Actually I can not wait for no school! No trips to the principals office - she is wonderful, by the way. I'll miss cooking hot dogs on Friday - no, I will miss chatting with adults! I will not miss getting the kids up to try to make the bus - roughly 50 to 100 hundreds times per morning. Back and forth. Back and forth. Are you dizzy yet? I go downstairs to wake up my son. back upstairs to wake up the girls. Quiet. Too quiet. Downstairs. "Time to get up!"
Upstairs. "Time to get up!"
Ten minutes goes by. Too quiet. Downstairs. "Time to get up. Do you need a shower? You're not going to have enough time if you don't get moving!"
Upstairs. "It's time to get up. You're going to have to eat what I pack in your lunch if you don't get moving." The pickiest eater - EVER.
And it goes on, and on, while I'm looking at the clock, my breathing quickens until I'm almost hyperventilating, I'm getting crankier by the second...........
"Five minutes! You've got five minutes til the bus gets here! I don't care if you go out in your underwear but you'd better be on the bus!"
This is me screaming at the top of the stairs. I know they can all here me. I know my neighbours can hear me.
And sometimes they actually manage to catch the bus! I'm sorry to all the drivers waiting behind and in front of those red flashing lights.............you see one kid get on the bus. You're thinking "Yes! I won't be late for work!" And then, "What the frig is wrong with the bus driver? He fall asleep or what?"
Now y'all are very patient for not beeping the horn. But there is another kid coming. I swear I thought they were right behind the other two..............
When I walk away from the window where my kids have disappeared into the bright orange world, the kettle has already boiled and I'm pouring my tea. No matter how many kids have made it to the bus, I need my tea. I plop down at the computer and flake for at least fifteen, twenty minutes, usually with my second breakfast or a little snack. But by this time I NEED MY TEA!
I'm sure this summer, at roughly eight o'clock in the morning, while the kids are still sleeping and will be for another hour, maybe three, I will be doing exactly that. My tea.
Unless I manage to find a job. And that will be my break!
Only looking for two, maybe three, days per week. Double shifts if possible. I can do it - like I said my break!
We bought a nice size pool for the kids this year. No camper, so yes pool. So I can't be gone too many days. Not that I swim.........but if it's too hot..........stop laughing all you other Islanders! Summer is coming! I've heard it and I want to believe it! IT'S COMING!
If I work, I work. If not I will write. But my days as a writer had better start paying off........