Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I've been reviewed by Kid--lit-reviews. Here's the link:

Love the review! I thought it was exactly what I wanted to be about the book. So glad she got it!

But really, what I wanted to talk about, was the entire experience. I googled for children's book reviewers and this web-site was one of the first that popped up. I checked it out, and really liked it. I loved how she wrote about the books, and there is quite a few I want to read now that I've read her take on them. So I sent her an email requesting her to do the review.

Between that day and last night, when the review was posted, we sent email after email after email. Questions about the book, yes, but also I would say she allowed me to get to know her so I would be less uneasy about the whole 'marketing, reviewing, getting out there - part of writing.

Not only do I feel so much better (my cheeks hurt so many times from smiling so often, for hours after reading her emails and every time I thought about it!), I feel like I've met someone who I will always enjoy chatting with! I'm trying to convince her to visit Prince Edward Island! She loves Anne of Green Gables.

Thank you Sue Morris, not only for a review I am totally happy with, but for making this journey a good one! This is what makes writing worthwhile - the people I meet!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

new webpage!

Here's another first for me! I have a website!

I'm pretty excited to have it! Love the colours.........the polka dots. Too cute. My nephew did it for me today. He's pretty handy with the computer. And he didn't even complain! Really! Okay, yes I have selective hearing too. A little. Who wants to hear whining and complaining? Not me, no way, no how!I can ignore quite well, thank you very much. Of course that means I need to do my best not to complain and whine, too, because that's only fair. Hard sometimes.

If you have any comments about the webpage let me know! What you like, if you find any problems. Not that I can fix anything (I am NOT allowed to even try - there's reasons for that, trust me) but I can get Nicholas to do it. He that was NOT a whine!

I'd love to hear what you think!

Oh, I feel so professional all of a sudden. Ahem.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Zapped again

One month behind my schedule I set for myself but it's done! I finished editing Zapped! I've also sent it to the grade 6 class for some comments and suggestions. Can't wait to hear what they think!

I am so excited to have that out of the way. First because it's done. But even more, I really want to be working on Survival Zone. I've got the outline done and the first three chapters, but still. There is so much more work to be done! And I can't wait to do it!

I'd love to have the first draft finished before school ended in June. Possible? Maybe. Not sure, but hopefully.

I don't get many things accomplished in the summer. Sad, but true. I refuse to let things get so behind this year as they did last year. Especially my sewing! I did not sew any barbie clothes for my girls. How sad is that? Too sad!

Here's a funny story. I sewed a pair of work pants for my husband. I put the elastic in the waist and made him try them on. They weren't completely finished, but you could tell they were pants. He laughed.

Yes he did! He laughed and said what are they for? You want me to wear these?

So, right. We'll see who laughs last. Especially when I throw out all the old pairs............seriously falling apart and he still wears them! He needs my skills as a seamstress. Really he does. If they look like pants and they cover your backside - they qualify as pants. So put them on.

Barbie clothes are definitely more fun to make don't you think? They never complain!