Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I've been reviewed by Kid--lit-reviews. Here's the link:

Love the review! I thought it was exactly what I wanted to be about the book. So glad she got it!

But really, what I wanted to talk about, was the entire experience. I googled for children's book reviewers and this web-site was one of the first that popped up. I checked it out, and really liked it. I loved how she wrote about the books, and there is quite a few I want to read now that I've read her take on them. So I sent her an email requesting her to do the review.

Between that day and last night, when the review was posted, we sent email after email after email. Questions about the book, yes, but also I would say she allowed me to get to know her so I would be less uneasy about the whole 'marketing, reviewing, getting out there - part of writing.

Not only do I feel so much better (my cheeks hurt so many times from smiling so often, for hours after reading her emails and every time I thought about it!), I feel like I've met someone who I will always enjoy chatting with! I'm trying to convince her to visit Prince Edward Island! She loves Anne of Green Gables.

Thank you Sue Morris, not only for a review I am totally happy with, but for making this journey a good one! This is what makes writing worthwhile - the people I meet!

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