Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm baaaaack!

I'm baaaaack!

Yes I've been busy. Who hasn't? And this is the first year I did NaNo. And I did it! I set my alarm for five every morning, got up, and worked on it. I wrote Survival Zone, and I'm down to the last two or three chapters! And then...............well, it's close to Christmas, and guess what? I didn't have three things bought! Yeah, time to move. If there's anything left in the stores.

Next year, I am going to have it all finished before December - make that November. I really liked having that deadline. The last two days in November I don't think I even fed my family. Or myself. But hey, we're alive and have eaten since. And after Christmas, before the kids go back to school, I'm going to finish the rough draft. I really am. I'll get up that hour earlier and work on it.

First I will make it through Christmas. I've had my tree up for a week. Decorations  up. I am terrible at decorating, I have to be honest. Horrible.

I'm also editing The Lair (second in the Blurs series) and need to finish that on the computer, and White Magic. Done in the proofs not on the computer, so I can re-order the proofs. Before or after Survival Zone? Hmmmmm. Not sure. Want them all finished. And my wonderful artist is working on more illustrations for my fairy series! Can't wait to see that one finished either.

That's all I'm writing tonight. Except Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!

Any I'd love any and all decoration tips..............Please?