Friday, August 29, 2014

Barbie clothes!

I did title this blog post 'Barbie clothes', but no, I am not writing a book named Barbie clothes. Seriously did you think I was? No/ Oh. Okay.

Now I started making barbie clothes for my two daughters because writing time was scarce when they were younger. Now, its still scarce, I am just better at ignoring them.

I still do the barbie clothes, usually for Christmas presents for my family, but I absolutely love doing it. I had to do some little tiny dresses for someone, for the little girl barbies. I do them really cheap for her because she takes them to Mexico, so it costs her for material, and maybe a few cents an hour? Maybe. Probably not. But its for a good cause, neither one of us are going to get rich doing it.
Now, in the middle of my editing White Magic - which is so exciting because I am so ready for it to be finished! I am really loving writing/thinking/dreaming about this series all the way to the end!

Back to barbie clothes. I think I will come up with a few outfits, make a website and start selling them again. I have another sister that is a fantastic photographer, and she does amazing prints with her pictures, of Prince Edward Island, or anywhere or anything. I want her to put some for sale because they are amazing! Her flowers.....landscapes......beaches...........everything! Stunning.

So here's a few pictures I took of my first few batches of barbie clothes. These are gone, so I can't put them on the website to sell, but I hope kids are still playing with barbies! and dolls, I will make those clothes too............and skirts or dresses to match for the girls that play. My own girls loved that. One still does, the other - well, we'll not get into pre-teens yet. Not in this post.

Abd back to barbie clothes! Boys I get off track's the pictures. Oh, and I was the photographer, so I am not the professional - remember that when you are looking at these! And it will be fun to see what the new pictures will look like with the new clothes because I know who will be taking them!

Oh, stop complaining - I know I make you work but you have lots of time because the outfits aren't made yet. Here I go..............(love Ken's hair - he could have at least combed it before the wedding!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

writing conference for a week!

This is the second year I've gone to the PEI Writes writing conference. In the morning, we learn, in the afternoon we write.
Sounds simple enough, yes? It is. And it is also inspiring, productive and amazing week. I love it!
This year, we have people editing (should be me but nope), creating new projects or working on old projects.
I've decided to work on Survival Zone. Hopefully I will be able to get three quarters finished, maybe more! Probably less, but I'm working towards more.
This morning we learned about editing. Yes I have been to other workshops on editing, read books, blogs, googled lots about editing, but guess what? I learned more! Yay me! So after this week when I've written a chunk of Survival Zone, I will go back to editing Zapped and White Magic.
I have another idea I really want to work on, but I might finish these three projects, a few more picture books, at least a first draft of Blue Magic (I think, maybe Red) before I even touch my newest.
It's exciting to think about and dream about writing it. I think it will be a stand-alone book, no sequel, a horror. Look out Stephen King and Dean Koontz here I come! Of course it's possible to do a sequel if I end it this way - but - no, we'll have to wait and see. I suppose it will all depend on my mood....
Nope it depends on how the story will want to end.
Here I am on the blog, writing but I've already cleaned the supper mess, done a load of laundry. Yeah, yeah there's a thousand more things for me to do. Okay okay I'm finished!
Enjoy your day!
Oh, and if anyone wants to leave a comment feel free - I would love to know your opinion! Are horror books better with a sequel? Or does it depend on the book itself?
Enjoy the rest of the summer and Happy Old Home Week!