Friday, August 29, 2014

Barbie clothes!

I did title this blog post 'Barbie clothes', but no, I am not writing a book named Barbie clothes. Seriously did you think I was? No/ Oh. Okay.

Now I started making barbie clothes for my two daughters because writing time was scarce when they were younger. Now, its still scarce, I am just better at ignoring them.

I still do the barbie clothes, usually for Christmas presents for my family, but I absolutely love doing it. I had to do some little tiny dresses for someone, for the little girl barbies. I do them really cheap for her because she takes them to Mexico, so it costs her for material, and maybe a few cents an hour? Maybe. Probably not. But its for a good cause, neither one of us are going to get rich doing it.
Now, in the middle of my editing White Magic - which is so exciting because I am so ready for it to be finished! I am really loving writing/thinking/dreaming about this series all the way to the end!

Back to barbie clothes. I think I will come up with a few outfits, make a website and start selling them again. I have another sister that is a fantastic photographer, and she does amazing prints with her pictures, of Prince Edward Island, or anywhere or anything. I want her to put some for sale because they are amazing! Her flowers.....landscapes......beaches...........everything! Stunning.

So here's a few pictures I took of my first few batches of barbie clothes. These are gone, so I can't put them on the website to sell, but I hope kids are still playing with barbies! and dolls, I will make those clothes too............and skirts or dresses to match for the girls that play. My own girls loved that. One still does, the other - well, we'll not get into pre-teens yet. Not in this post.

Abd back to barbie clothes! Boys I get off track's the pictures. Oh, and I was the photographer, so I am not the professional - remember that when you are looking at these! And it will be fun to see what the new pictures will look like with the new clothes because I know who will be taking them!

Oh, stop complaining - I know I make you work but you have lots of time because the outfits aren't made yet. Here I go..............(love Ken's hair - he could have at least combed it before the wedding!)

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