Tuesday, September 9, 2014

White Magic...again!

I finally pushed myself to finish the worst edit - the first- and yesterday I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Done! Now for beta readers and then more edits, and hopefully, within 6 weeks, I will have it out there for you! On Amazon, hopefully Kobo, then Smashwords, unless I get stuck on one! Me and computers, I tell ya....

I did not allow myself to do any writing for the past two weeks- or however long it would take me to edit White Magic. And I didn't! Proud of me? Addicted any, yes? It was hard! And you'll never guess what I want to do today!

Sigh. Of course the floors need to be done first......maybe the bathrooms. But the dusting? Nope! I am putting my foot down! I am going to get in at least an hours worth of writing before the kids get home from school and then tonight, maybe, but we all know I am not a night person. Night owl, yes, but not a happy one. I'm grumpy at night. But I make up for it in the morning because I am just a bright ray of sunshine! See me bubbling? It's morning! Yay!

I will work on the Fairy series no to get those finished this week, and then back to Survival Zone. After that......well, I've got more series on my mind! An adult one, paranormal, a YA one, paranormal, or middle-grade, not sure yet, and another early reader one - superheroes! We'll see how that works out, because before I start another series I really would like to have the second ones finished in the Survival Zone series and the White Magic series, and the second and third finished in the Blurs series.

And I think I'm going to be doing another stand alone novel. Mmmm Hmmm. A horror. Gotta love Stephen King and Dean Koontz! And I do! I've got pages of notes for it but I am trying to stay organized and focused! But if I can't wait, I just can't wait. For now it's leaving me alone long enough to get edited. So now on to writing!

Oh stop nagging I didn't forget the floor.........

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