Thursday, October 31, 2013


Just a quick post - feel free to leave comments! I'd love to hear from you!

How many words can you write in 30 seconds?

As my title says............that's what time I have to write - type. I can definitely write faster.
A couple of days ago my son (who is thirteen) 's teacher asked me to come in and speak to the kids in Social Studies. Their unit was on Canadian artists, including authors. Of course I agreed, right? I was already in there cooking chicken burgers because it was chicken burger day. I also do the hot dogs, but that's not what I'm writing about. Tick tock seconds flying by.........

The kids, grade 8, were wonderful. The teacher had asked me Friday to speak on Monday. Lots of time to prepare something to say. Especially with my two kids dance classes, my seven-year-old's birthday party, Church, Catechism, groceries - I swear if feels like the day after we shop we're out of food again! Anyway, I made it clear to have questions for me. That would pass the time, right? And it did.

The kids were great, they showed a lot of interest in the three books I've written that I brought, which made me feel important. Of course. I'm a Canadian artist, yes? Love it! And who am I writing these books for? Those same kids! I left the books at the school to go into their library. It's only a small school, 150-something kids in grades one to eight. Very small, so the resources aren't there for a huge library anyway.

Sigh........I'm sure the thirty seconds is gone, but I'm going to finish this post!

I uploaded Unbelievers on Kobo! By myself - no that's not right. I tried, but my sister had to help, but I did finish it myself! So its finally for sale on Kobo. I'm having a lot of trouble finding my books unless I search and put my name in the search bar, so I'm wondering how well that's going to go over for people that don't know me from a hole in the wall, but we'll see if I can still get sales anyway. Crossing my fingers..........

I'm trying to finish the Blurs series, and I've written the first few chapters of the third and final one to add at the back of the book for Zapped, the second one.

It was the first series I've tried, and I really enjoyed getting back into the characters. Of course I have so many more ideas for other series now that I've started too, too many ideas not enough time! I'm writing lots of ideas down. That's good for now. Realistically if I can get Zapped past the editing stages I will be so happy...........

Yup. Too much to do and not enough time. And now its time to clean a little and start supper before my little and big trick-or-treaters get home from school!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Zapped first draft finished!
This will be the second in the Blurs series. I've finally begun a series!
I have the draft with a beta reader, and I'd really like another beta reader's opinion before I do the final  draft.
This is another first for me. Beta readers. Although I guess when I let friends read them it was kind of like beta readers, but these are other writers who can really point out mistakes.
I'm working on the cover for Zapped. I'd really like to have it published by the first of December. Crossing my fingers.
Gavin, my protagonist,  is thirteen in this book, with the same friends. Except in Zapped, he's familiar with his powers, adding new ones, and he gets the chance for his friends to be involved with the blurs. Not such a good thing.
And, of course, get ready for A is for Applesauce!  B is for  Bubble, I've been told, has even more awesome illustrations. I won't believe it til I see it, because A is unbelievable!
We'll see...........
Hi ho, hi ho, its back to work I go!