Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring?! Spring! WHERE?

Holy cow another day off for the kids! Five in a row because of the storms and snow and icy roads..........
And no I will not complain about keeping them home. There were a few days where I believed they should have cancelled school and drove them in to school at lunch time. Big buses, side roads, not happening. Too scary for me!
Needless to say I have not been accomplishing much this past week other than trying to keep the dishes clean. And I'm not too good at that either!
All over the house, the computer desk, it's gross! I'm not complaining about the kids being home am I? Not really. Yes but that's the normal days of having kids. I will accept some responsibility because I was too nice when they were small and cute. Now - they're bigger and cute, but old enough to know better!
Work-wise, I'm kind of all over the place again. I've got my Zapped manuscript with a wonderful, critical group of grade six students - can't wait to hear their reaction! My White Manuscript is with my slooooooooow editor (NICHOLAS!) so I might be patient or I might not. I've been working on Survival Zone, writing more and editing what I have on the computer so far.......you know I can't wait to write this series! I'm so excited! And I've started another series for early chapter readers (I think), or for 7-9 year olds or no, 6-8, I think. There will be five books in the series, and it's about -guess. These are for my youngest daughter and she's seven.
Did you guess? Fairies? RIGHT! What else could be more girlie? She helped me pick the names and even criticized a few that I did need to fix. My twelve year old daughter also helped with names. I also have the illustrator in mind too. Can't wait! I'm almost finished the first rough draft.
Other than that, still waiting for B is for Bubblegum files to upload and proof!
Here's the cover for Zapped, and B is for Bubblegum.
What do you think?

This is the rough draft but I absolutely - I mean, I I believe the B cover will be breathtaking!

This cover is new and improved for the Blurs Series!!

And ta - da!  Zapped.

Except the border shows up white so you can't really see how nice the cover looks....but I know!

And that's all the time for today! Enjoy the snow, heat, rain, cold, whatever day you're having! Enjoy!                 

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