Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fun day with kids

We managed another family trip! Yay for us! Trust me, you'd be proud too.
The difference in ages makes it hard to do. Two older boys, two younger girls.......right.
We had been promising to take the girls to Crystal Palace for a little while, and kept putting it off. What are the boys going to do? They aren't going to want to do the same thing as the girls, right? Crystal Palace is great if you like the exhibition, or fairs, you know the spinny rides, cotton candy, ....I like the cotton candy, but do not put me on any ride!
Because my husband doesn't think four children is enough we usually find one more to fill our little seven seater van. This time was our older daughter's friend that came along. She's eleven, almost twelve. And so sweet. Quiet. Good to the youngest girl which makes life easier.  It really made it more fun for Cassie, my oldest daughter, to have someone else besides Hailey to go on some of the rides. They had a wonderful time while I kept my head down and tried not to let my head spin and my stomach - blech. And that's watching, not even going on one ride.
And what did the three boys do? My two sons and hubby? They went to a car show a few minutes away! Perfect!
Does anything ever end up perfect?
When we finished at the park, the girls wanted to cross the parking lot to shop. We had thought the boys would be finished first, so we had originally planned to meet at the park.
I texted my hubby to tell him we were going to the mall, meet us there.
No reply.
Not unusual.
After about half an hour or an hour, I decided to check my phone.
I had a reply.
"The person you texted left his phone at Wendy's."
Should I be jealous?
Nah. He's addicted to the hamburgers.Any restaurant actually.
Loves food. Grease anyway. Is he overweight? Not at all. He is too hard a worker to gain weight.
What does that say about my cooking that none of my kids or my husband could drive by KFC or Wendy's without stopping?
I won't argue.
So about an hour and a half of looking for his phone, except over an hour was spent driving because he was lost - directions? what? - and he found his phone, then spent another half hour trying to find us.
By this time I'm starving, my feet are KILLING me, the girls are cranky and hungry, and it's late enough to remind me that I'm the morning person in this relationship.
So I ate - guess where? Wendy's.
And we drove home, quietly, okay not really quietly, my oldest son bought a nice loud motocross DVD to watch in the van, so between that volume, and how loud the girls had to be in order to be heard, I can't say it was quiet.
But we're safe, and home. And happy.
And there was our family trip!
Loved it!
Already making plans to do it again.........
Oh, it still counts even though we did separate things right? The girls and the boys? It counts right?

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