Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all!
I got roughly two hours sleep, plus another 45 minutes if you add all the five minutes intervals my youngest daughter let me close my eyes before asking, "Can we get up yet?"
Yeah. Not much.
But it is a nice relaxing day, the turkey dinner leftovers are in the fridge, my dogs have eaten some and have tons left for their supper, dishwasher is running,........
Now its relaxing! And I have the urge to write.
what will I work on?
My Survival Zone? I think not. Not with all the kids home. I get too involved.
So then.............
My fairy series? Yeah, maybe. I could do that. It would be fun.
I could also finish the third book in the Blurs series. Yeah. I think I will.
Or I have another idea for a couple of kids books.
No. Doesn't feel right yet.
So the Blurs series it is.
If I could only come up with a name.
Any ideas what the book will be about?
Well I'd better get to work before the kids need me.
Happy Easter!

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