Saturday, July 6, 2013

Unbelievers- free on Kindle

I'm listing Unbelievers for free for this Sunday and Monday, July 7 and 8!! I love free stuff!
I have about 30 seconds to write this blog because I need to clean my house.
I'm excited because I'm on the big finale on my book White Magic, and Arthur and Zita alphabet series, A is for Applesauce is ALMOST ready for sale (this month! yay!), and then I will be free to work on the Teddy and I series. So happy to be finished, so happy to start new.
To get my nephew started again...............hmmmmph. Not going to be fun. For him anyway. Once he gets goings he likes it. And he's so good at it! Can't wait to torture him! Can't wait!
So this is a really short post, but I will be back!
Have a wonderful hot day!

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