Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Life of Fish

Life of fish. Right. I know so much about fish. NOT. Actually, nothing at all. But I know my kids. Big hearted, every one of them. My youngest had a school project where they had a large aquarium as soon as you walked into the school, in the lobby. They got salmon eggs, watched them hatch, start swimming, all that stuff. The next stage was releasing them into the pond.

And that's when the trouble started. My daughter, nine years old, did not want them released. She cried for days, going to miss her pets, worried about where they would get their food - she was so good at feeding them, right? Whether they would get eaten themselves because they were so tiny. She refused to go on the field trip. Refused.

What could I do? Hmmm? What? So I did. The aquarium. The rocks. The castle and plants to decorate it. Right. And then two fish. Tiny aquarium, just for her room. Two betas, a pretty pink named Sparkles, and boy does she shine! Not shy at all, friendly and on the go constantly. And the blue female beta named Elsa. She was named before she was home, before ever seeing the aquarium. And what is Elsa like? She lives in the castle and refuses to come out. We set up my phone, pressed record, and left the room. She peeks out when no one is around, so we know she's still alive. We worry because she rarely comes out when we're around and Sparkles eats all the food she finds! We keep watching,.........she ate a few days ago......... force feed her soon...........I'm not sure.

And yes, she already knows she's going to be a vet. No, scratch that, maybe a vet's assistant, since she found out about surgery and stuff. Or a groomer. She's got years left to decide.

And on the writing side - I wrote the ending of Survival Zone! FINALLY! DONE!! Using my new Phillips hand held recorder - loving it! and my new Dragon software - always loved it! I am getting it onto the computer for the first rough draft! My sighs of relief.........my giddy joy.............dancing...squealing.........yup. All of it. Then second draft, third, tenth - we'll see. And cover. Ideas in my head, trying to explain, but have faith in my cover maker. Except I might change the title. Survival Zone might be the second in the series. Worry about that later. Still celebrating writing THE END in my scribbler!

Speaking of that, enough procrastinating - I'm gone to write!

PS.......anyone know any tips about fish? I'll take it! Thanks!

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