Friday, January 11, 2013

My first blog this year.
I can't remember if I said I was going to try to write one every week.  I hope not.  It would be more realistic for me to say once a month.
Of course it depends on my mood.
Today I'm doing it because I said I was going to work on my 'big' novel.  So here I am.  Dilly-dallying.
Who me?  Of course not!
Or maybe.
So this is a new year and I'm putting it out there - all my new year's resolutions.
No dieting.
No eating healthier - not a chance.  I love my greasy french fries, my chips, and my chocolate.  Like I said - not a chance.
So what's left?  Be nicer?  Yeah, I could.  As I said before, depends on my mood(tee hee!).  I'm mostly nice.  Just don't ask my kids after I've said no.
That leaves my writing.  Yup.  There's where it leaves me.  Write.  Or get a job.
Get a job?  I could.  It's harder than it seems.   I applied for a few part time jobs before Christmas. Three or four. Didn't get a call back.
I know I have a job this summer.  Starting in April.
This is January.  That leaves three months.
To do everything I said I would do in my first blog.
Let's review.
Teddy and I series - I only have one for sale.
RIGHT NICK! CAN YOU HEAR ME? I'M, COMING...................
Anyway.  I'd like to have more done.  They're coming.  Slooooooooowly.
My Arthur and Zita alphabet series - the first one is finished! So exciting! Have I seen the finished product yet! NO! But I will - soon.  There is a possibility there will be two out this year.  Fingers crossed.
The 'big' novel (possibly called THE RIGHT MATCH), still thinking on that, is next on my list.  I JUST WANT IT DONE. And that means I have to - shudder- edit.
I'm pretty sure that was my biggest thing on my list.  For last year.  Oops.
And the Unbelievers.  That is finished! That was on my list! I never specifically mentioned editing it, did I? Didn't think so.  There's that word again.  Edit. Ugh.  But this one won't be as bad as the 'big' novel.
And to think - I seriously have another dozen 'big' novels in my head I want to write!
Love writing - hate editing.  But I have to (whine whine).
And this year I am also going to write chapter books for girls.  You know.  Fairies and butterfly kind of books.  And princesses.  Girls books.
And that is the only new thing on my list. That might not be too quick.  After/while I'm editing the two novels, I am trying to write another YA novel.  I think I'm going to call it White Magic.  I've got the first couple of chapters written.
Okay.  There goes my play time.  I'm really going.
Seriously I'm gone to edit.
This was my fun for today.
I've got to hurry the kids will be off the bus in two hours.
So I'm gone.
Have a great day!
Oh and Tina - can you get your butt out here before the snow is gone so we can do the cover for the Unbelievers?

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