Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is over and the end of the year is just around the corner.
With New Year Resolutions.
How did last year's resolutions go?  Well, they went anyway.
And this blog was my way of telling myself, and all who read it, what I was doing with my writing.  Or supposed to be doing.
Did I fall short?  Yup.  I did.
But that's okay.  I'm still proud of me because this Christmas, for the first time since I've had more than one child, I was ready on Christmas eve! I mean the presents were wrapped and ready to set out before supper.  So when I finally chased - yes I mean chased! - my oldest, a fifteen year old boy (soon to be driving - nope, not facing it, not happening,) to bed shortly after midnight, all I had to do was drag them out and put them under the tree. In bed and asleep before two.  A record for me.
Most years I'm up until 2 or 3 just wrapping presents!
Where's those darn elves when you need 'em?
And here I am, tonight, ready for bed, but I'm ready to start writing again! I've been thinking and figuring and twisting things in my head for quite some time about a novel I'm STILL working on.  The Right Match.  I think I'm ready to pull it out again and blow the dust off.  Ideas are turning out for that one.  Others, too, but this one's pulling the hardest.
I've jotted some ideas down, and even though you can't see my living room floor with all the presents the kids got (I moved things around to vacuum umpteen times, I'm not that much of a slob....... today) because they keep dragging them out again and again, tomorrow - oops, tomorrow I'm gonna catch me some boxing day sales and visit some old friends - yay!, so Friday morning, or tomorrow night if I get home before I burn out, I am going to do what I said I was going to do.  I'm going to write.  Or rewrite.  Or both.  And I'm going to have another project scratched off my to-do list.
I love scratching.
I really do.
Of course I'm going to add three things for every one I scratch off because  the ideas don't stop.
Scratch one add three.
Scratch one add three.
Kinda sounds like my laundry piles.  They keep multiplying too.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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