Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas is almost here!
And I used to be the biggest Christmas freak ever...........I mean I could listen to Christmas music beginning in July and not be sick of it by Christmas! And those pretty sparkling lights.........all year round.
Yup.  That's me.
This year? I don't know where the time went.  Two weeks til Christmas and I don't even have my tree up.  Or my lights.  Sad.
Does that mean I've been busy writing?
Hah! I wish!
Nada.  Zip.  Nothing.
That is exactly what I've got done in my writing career (hee hee!) since my last post.
Have I been doing nothing with my time?
Wasting it doing frivolous fun activities? Like watching television - boy am I behind on my shows - or heaven forbid - reading! Sigh............I wish.
Seriously I hate leaving things to the last minute, and I have eleven whole months to do it.
But I did it again.
I left my sewing until December. Well, I started the end of November.
This year I am only doing doll clothes, barbie clothes, and a few pars of pjs.  That's all.
Of course, with my two daughters, and my six nieces, that's eight pairs of doll pjs, eight tops and eight pairs of jeans, and eight dresses.
Not to mention the barbies.  Hey, they need clothes for Christmas too.
I am so going to clean up the toys this year.  I meant to do it before Christmas.  Surprise surprise.  I didn't.
Seriously, who needs 300 barbies?
I don't!
And yes I love to exaggerate - BUT I'M NOT!
Actually I think there is more but I'm trying to be serious.
Yes I admit it.
My daughter is a barbie-addict.
The whole reason I started sewing was because there were more naked barbies than covered ones.
She got hand-me-down barbies from her cousins.  Christmas presents.  Birthday presents.  And remember I come from a huge family and so does my husband.  So most occasions there were at least five new ones.
Then there's the 'Daddy nobody ever buys me anything!'
Sad, but it works every time.  No matter how many times I tell him don't fall for it!, he does.
And barbie accessories?
Too many.
And so easy to vacuum...........oops.
Its like invasion of the barbies..................ONLY WORSE!
I could write a horror book about it - and I might!
No barbies were bought this year - and I told Santa in my letter to make sure too!
And writing?
Its coming!
I'm going to my first writing group on Thursday! So exciting! I know that is going to jump start me again.  I just know it!
Or maybe what I need is a slow-me-down pill, so I will have time to sit down, with a pen and paper.........
And if I don't have time to post again before Christmas......

and generally have a great day!

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