Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yes! I've finished the first Teddy and I!
Finally! Finally! Finally!
I uploaded, fought with the computer - which, by the way, won by a long shot.  It refused to work.
For about four days straight.
Sometimes I could get the internet to work, but not for long.  Internet Explorer was the first casualty.  It disappeared from my desktop altogether.  Lost in cyberspace, I guess.  I asked all my kids, "Who did it? Who? Who?" like an owl.  The culprit - the same dirty rotten soul that does everything around here.
"Not me."
Ever hear of him?
I have.  Much too often.
But losing that 'e' wasn't all that bad.  Until Google Chrome decided not to load too.  THAT was a problem.
If I only had as much free time to write as I spent on the phone, on hold and with the computer techs at Aliant...........
Who, by the way, are absolutely wonderful and patient when dealing with a computer moron like me, who needs every little step explained.
"What does a modem look like?"
Sigh.  Well, only the first time.  Now I remember.  Then they mentioned a router.
A what?
I could go on.  And on.  But I won't.  I'm almost as bad on computers as I am with directions.
So yes Teddy and I... Can't wait for Christmas is now on Amazon! So exciting!
And I did try to upload a Kindle version.
Well, maybe I'll just leave that alone for now.  Didn't turn out so well at all.
So for now, I will end my post without adding a picture of the cover - can you hear me calling "TINA!"
Not only for the cover, but to fight with her computer and figure out the Kindle............
She's stronger than I am!
And no, that was NOT whining!


  1. Hilarious, I can just see you on the phone with Aliant...

  2. Sometimes I forget I have the phone on my ear, so I'm talking to the kids or myself or someone - and then all of a sudden they're listening, and I'm wondering "how much of my crap did they just hear?"

  3. Love this. I can't wait to read your book. Great bog!

  4. I can't wait for you to read it either..........hee hee!