Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Well here I am again. Twice in a month! Scary how good I'm getting at multi-tasking.
I've just ordered the proof for Unbelievers.  That is so exciting. Now if only the mail system would cooperate and give it to me withing a month........not holding my breath.
I am getting better at editing thank goodness. Faster. When I decide to do it. That's the funny thing about it right?
This is the rough draft for the description of the book.

Unexplained deaths have occurred in the tiny village of Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island for over fifty years. Every five years, to be exact, someone drowns in the river.
This year, thirteen year old Leigh Kennedy and her friends are destined to die. How can they solve the mystery in time to escape their fate? Or can they?

I admit it's harder than it looks to make it sound amazing. Words are remarkable because you can choose one wrong word and ruin it, or choose that one special word and its spectacular! I'm still not fussy over what I have, but its better than my other attempts. I'm looking for that one word..........
If I had a cover to post I would, but I don't yet. Maybe in the next post.
So that's another item crossed from my list! Yay!
And more exciting news - my nephew drew SIX more pictures for my Teddy series! Too exciting, seriously!
Another book is completely finished and he's got five finished for the next! I was shaking I was so excited! But don't tell him, or I can't guilt him into these flash - drawing moods. And I'm soooooo good at that. Maybe I should have been an actress.
He knows I'm not that bad, and he knows how much I love him. And appreciate the time he does this for me.
Seriously I am crazy busy today. I've moved out of my tiny sewing room to put the boys X-box in there-they are so happy! - seriously, they are - and now I have the entire rec room for my sewing which has taken over my basement............My hubby was not too impressed, because as I said, my little hobby has grown too much. I've been banned from fabric stores until I've used some of what I already have. Easter is coming, so I will be making tons of barbie clothes and doll clothes for my two daughters. And finishing the top for my daughter. And making pretty Easter dresses...........hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I hadn't thought of that.
Stop screaming, Tina - my cover creator - your jacket is coming along nicely. And might actually be done too!
It is a beautiful black/dark gray wool coat. With Tinkerbell lining. Not a surprise for anyone that knows her! And it is going to fit me perfectly!
Oops, I mean Tina. Seriuosly, I did.
Okay okay I'm off the computer. I can hear thousands of things screaming at me to get moving. So I'm going.
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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