Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book reviewers

Twice in one day! I'm shocked, but here I am again!
Because I forgot to tell you about my experiences with book reviewers.
I was petrified at first, scared to death to have 'real professional' reviewers read my books. My poor stomach...
But I did it. My first contact was with a wonderful lady by the name of Shirley Priscilla Johnson. She was so very nice and patient I really felt, well, relaxed isn't the word I'm looking for, but I felt better. She wrote wonderful reviews at www. midwestbookreview.com, where she is a senior reviewer, and also posted them on Amazon for me.
To find her reviews at Midwest, click on MBR Bookwatch, click on current issue, then on Shirley's Shelf.
I've read through her reviews and found more books I'd like to read.
She also has a website,www.jesusinsong.com,   which I've also visited a few times and enjoyed. I like feeling happy!

The Blurs

Gaven, the main star of this book, is an eleven year old boy whose
life is about to change. Gaven lives in a small town, but he is happy
with his friends and his life, until something strange begins to
happen. One day Gaven sees something, blurs, that no one else sees.
What is he to do, after all how could he explain this to others?
However bad things begin to happen, he has to do something before
someone dies, but what? Will Gaven find out what these strange blurs
are or will they win! The adventure awaits you.

What a great tale this is. It is definitely not the norm, but that is
just one point that makes it so interesting. The author does a great
job with her character development, both with Gaven and his friends
and family and also with the mysterious blurs. She builds up the
suspense and questions concerning what is happening in the story, and
keeps the flow moving along nicely. I liked the suspense she put
into action at just the right times, nudging you on to see what is
going to happen, and the ending definitely leaves you craving for
more.What will happen to Gaven in the future?

This is a great story for young and old. This tale will definitely
keep their attention and will perhaps make them wonder at times, what
did they see?

Soul Catcher
In this delightful read we meet two young girls, Emily and her best
friend, Katherine. They have been best friends for a long time, now
they have another girl in their group, one who may change their lives,
Lanie. After a while things begin to get strange, bad things start to
happen in their quiet little town, and Emily and Katherine begin to
think maybe Lanie has something to do with it. What they find out
will change their lives forever.

Wow, what a read this is, any young person will be glued to the pages
of this book. Our author does a great job of character development as
she weaves the web around this story. She brings you into the world of
these young girls and paints a mystery of their new friend that will
be hard to unravel. Evil or good? that will be the question. I liked
this read, it definitely kept my attention and moved along at a good
pace. The story was wrapped in suspense and mystery and left you
wondering will there be more? Very well done, recommended read for
young and old.

Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review

So far my experience with book reviewers has been great. I hope everyone else I've contacted will be the same! My fingers are crossed.......
Now I can do all these other things that are nagging at me.......
Have a super day!

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