Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!
I should be doing laundry or tidying up again...........
Hee hee!
I'm actually getting very excited! I am going to make an attempt at marketing.
Anyone that knows me knows that I have not a bit of business sense. Or organization skills. Or even a sense of direction. I have to park strait across from the doors no matter how far down so I know where to go when I come out. Sad but true. At least I didn't pass that on to my kids. Well, three of them don't have it. They always remember where I park. I just follow them.
Okay.  See what I mean about the organization thing? Not happening.
Marketing. That's what I'm doing.
I am going to take my next book seriously and really market it.
First is going to be a book tour. I think I've decided on SupaGurl Tours. I like what people have written about them.
Maybe I shouldn't have said 'first'.
That might be it.
Of course I blog (right?), kind of, part time. I don't have a facebook author page yet, but I will. Soon.
Yeah right.
No seriously I'm going to do it.
And pinterest. Can't figure that one out yet.
But I will!
Yeah, right.
No its on my list. You know, the things to do list.
I think its number 462, 774. Right after clean my closet.
Oh, ever see that show, What not to Wear?
Yeah, that's not me.
I am so cool and hip.
Right? (that's for my sisters! They'll get a laugh!)
Seriuosly I am stuck in the 80's. And loving it! Especially since its coming back!
I now have books for sale in a wonderful little gift shop in St. Peter's PEI. And I'm listed on their website.
I felt so important..............
Just kidding. Excited though! Truth!
Seriuosly excited!
But the Unbelievers will not be out for a couple more months. I'm editing it. Still.
But the cover looks awesome! See? Thanks to Tina!

Except this is the long version. But I got it here, so that's good for me! This is my niece Amy. I have a nephew that really wants to be on a cover too. Well, most of the nieces and nephews have told me. So I really need to get writing! 
I really liked writing this book. For a little older audience than my first two. I'll get Cassidy, my daughter to read it. She's not quite twelve, but we'll see if its too creepy for her!
Happy Easter everyone!                                                             

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