Wednesday, April 17, 2013

book tour

Hello everyone!
I have exciting news! Exciting for me.
I have a book tour/blog tour coming up, June third -June ninth. Megan McDade is setting it up for me, and she is so nice and patient with all of my questions..........thank goodness!
Anyone that knows me knows I ask a lot of questions, but if I didn't ask, I would never know.
(me shrugging)
This will be  my first marketing attempt. I've followed all the 'rules', well, helpful tips, and waited until my third book before spending much time marketing. We'll see how it goes. Another new experience.
I'm having two people editing it right now so I can email the PDF to Megan.
I start work, waitressing, next week (I'm excited about that - I'm getting paid to do what I do for free at home - yay! And the customers aren't as cranky. Gotta love it!), but that means my writing time decreases.........wait a minute. Nah - let's make laundry time drecrease!
Seriously anyone out there want to come and do laundry?
Can't torture these guys too much - they're babysitting while I work! Or driving. Or whatever.
Seriously I've got the best sisters.
Even Kim, who lives too far away so she can't babysit. She would if she was here, and that counts, so she's the best sister too.
Either that or she's scared of me. It's kind of hard to say no to me. I don't bully, but I'm persistent. Annoying.
It's easier to just say yes than to have to listen to me whine and cry, right?
While the Unbelievers will be getting more well known, I am 3/4 finished writing another YA novel, called White Magic.
And the cover is Awesome! Love it!
I'm one of the old-timers who actually use a pen and paper to write, instead of a computer/electronic gizmo.
Tina knows why, she gets my half-typed scribbler when I'm fed up. Seriously, if it takes me three years to type two pages, and she can do it in 5 minutes, what would you do!
I'm not lazy;I'm slow! I try..........
(Did you hear the whine? Me neither!)
White Magic is about CeeCee, a fifteen year old witch wannabee. Little girls dream of being princesses. Nurses. Teachers.
Not CeeCee. She's always dreamed of being a witch.
And when her dreams come true, they're more like nightmares.

That's a quick description of the book.
And that is my time for today! My drier just buzzed............

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