Monday, August 19, 2013

gotta learn to tweet!

I've just finished an amazing week of writing conferences followed by writing time, five days, Monday to Friday. I'm saying amazing. Seriously.

I loved every minute of it. The speakers - on writing, book cover designs, publishing, editing. It was interesting. Informative. Fun.

And every afternoon free writing time at the meeting place of PEI Writes, I group I have just joined and absolutely love all the members I've met. During this free time, I wrote my second book in the Blurs series. By Friday afternoon, I was roughly HALF FINISHED  MY MANUSCRIPT!!!! HALF FINISHED!  DID YOU HEAR THAT!

Sorry for screaming, but I get so excited! And I didn't even stay for the entire time dedicated for writing. I couldn't. My brain literally shut down when I realized how far along I was each day, at how much I'd accomplished.

It really made me see how much I COULD do when I put my mind - no my time - to it. So three weeks and the kids are in school I am really going to focus. I've finished White Magic, no editing or even typing yet, and then its time to finish (whatever its going to be called) Blurs two. Not Blurs two, but I really need a name, like I said, right?

Okay, if I'm serious about writing, it means I've got to sell books to make a living. And that means social media marketing. We didn't get into that much last week, but one of the things to do was Twitter.

Hey, this past year was big for me! I've published four books. I'm ready for one or two picture books, just finalizing things, I've done a facebook page, I've learned to blog - see? Look at me now! And last but not least - I wish it was last! - e have a Twitter. My daughter used my e-mail for her account - she's only eleven - so I've deleted hers, which takes 30 days before I can reactivate mine. And THEN I'll learn to tweet. Really. I mean it.

I'm so excited at how this new book is turning out! I've got to name it........I wrote the outline  and I've been using it roughly, with new twists that came to me while I was writing. But with the outline I knew where I was still going. Love my outlines. Love Patti for showing me outlines.

I've only got two more weeks of waitressing, then its back to writing! And, don't forget, being an underpaid waitress/busgirl/housekeeper/taxi driver/cook/laundry person/therapist/  multi-tasker Mom. I'll get used to being broke again, but the kids will be happier! Maybe not my oldest, whom I will be homeschooling, but definitely my poor six year old, who actually cried a few times when I had to go to work. Broke my heart. Do you think she did it to be manipulative? To make every one baby her when I was gone? Cause it worked!

Okay, kids are inside again, I'll probably be chased from the computer any second, and not only that, I've got to get up and do something!

Any tips on tweeting, I'll take.

Thanks for listening - er, reading.

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