Friday, August 30, 2013

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Here I am again - early enough in the morning that the kids aren't up so I can concentrate on the computer time I can steal without distractions. It is almost eight, so I'm sure that time on't last.

This past week has disappeared so quickly I don't know where it went. Can't tell you what I did most days either. But one of the major events - my six year lost another tooth! She can really sing that song "All I want for Christmas is my tooth front teeth". Don't you love me for getting that song stuck in your head all day? And at the same time as the Sears Christmas Wish book came out. Pretty good timing don't you think?

And the tooth fairy visited leaving her a nice crisp five dollar bill. FIVE DOLLARS! FOR A TOOTH SMALLER THAN A POPCORN KERNEL!
Hmmmph.  I got 35 cents. If I got five dollars a tooth back then I'd be rich right now, I know I would. I would have invested it wisely, watched my bank account grow and grow...........or bought a bag of chips, a Crunchie bar (still love them!) and a bottle of pop, at least four times. Okay, and some candy too. Those were the days.

I also spent time (I did! I really found time!) working on the second in the Blurs series. Should have come up with a name by now. I have a couple in mind. The Followers is one, but I can'r remember if that is the exact name in the series with Kevin Bacon that started last year. Loved that, by the way. Watched every one. Didn't like the ending, but other than that, loved it. The other one I chose is Zapped, which I'm liking more because the book is for middle-graders, and it sounds punchier for that age group. Did I make up my mind right now? Hmmmm........maybe.

I've also decided to put out at least one of the two Blurs sequels??? before I publish White Magic. I have the outline done for the third in the series, while I only have a rough, and I mean really rough, outline, more like notes, for the other two in the White Magic series.

So what to do with the time when the kids go to school..............most of them anyway. I'll be checking the mail all week to see if the high school books and manuals have arrived so I can start planning and teaching. I swear my sixteen year old had better take me serious in this home-schooling business! I offered to let him sleep in and begin at eleven, work til two or whenever we finish that day's lessons. He didn't accept. He wants to start early, by nine. Yes you heard that right! Am I not the dream Mom and he turned me down? Like, seriously? Yeah. Anyway, he wants to be finished before lunch. Fine by me.

Sorry, did it make it seem like I did that for his benefit? Don't tell him, because I will use that offer of eleven to tell him how much I love him (and I really do!), but I'm a morning person, so I really wanted to use  nine til eleven for  my writing time. Oh, the things I could have written.......Anyway, I will use it to teach. Writing will have to be done later. Before three, when the other kids get home. Which means laundry and house cleaning will need to be finished before seven, when I wake the 'school' kids up, and again after three.

Anyone that thinks  stay-at-home Mom's have lots of time on their hands, please, please, please give me some pointers! I need more time!

I'm off today, two more days of work at the restaurant before we close for the season, five days before school starts, and a million and one things on my to-do-list! Seriously, I'll take pointers...........

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