Friday, September 6, 2013

Another one Bites the Dust

Yup. Another one Bites the Dust.
Another contest, three winners.
This was the Goodreads contest. I offered three copies of the Unbelievers. All the winners are from  the United States, although I did not limit the entries to only Canada and the US. This was pure luck on the part of the winners!
They are:
Larry H, CA
Cheryl D, CA
Samantha G, TX

Now its just a matter of me shipping the books out. I've got the envelopes, if I can find a pen I'll be halfway there.

On another note, I've just sent three of my kids to school for the second day. Notice I didn't post yesterday, the first day of school........I'm getting back into the routine, right? It's going to take me a while!

So no writing yet. It's coming. I'm dying to get the last three chapters written down.

Wow! Look at all the three's in this post. Is it my lucky number or what! Three winners. Three kids. Three chapters. Three minutes..........

Three minutes to finish this post. Seriously. I have got to find the house under this mess. The summer, me working, kids (at least four - usually six and seven!) all around......I'm sure it's here somewhere. Yesterday I found a hard piece of bread on the coffee table downstairs, hidden for I don't know or care how long, that was so hard it made the coffee table feel soft!  This is where the boys played Xbox all summer. Was I grossed out? You betcha! Were the boys mad at me after I found it?! Even bigger than you betcha! Cause where did that Xbox end up?

Far, far away. I picked up too many dishes down there, or made them when I got too cranky (aka loud).
Well, the Xbox really wasn't far away, but it was well hidden. Talk about withdrawal! Holy crap! Like, get a grip kids! Maybe I am mean, but kids nowadays are seriously addicted to electronics.

Not saying what I was like when the batteries died in my keyboard right in the middle of writing this post. I mean, good role models, sure and all that, but no one else was around right? No proof...........

I found batteries so all is good.

Those three minutes went quickly, so I'm off again!

Any ideas of "What can I do?" when there's no electronics? For older boys, teens. I'll take anything I can get!

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