Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Series started!

Okay I am so close to publishing Zapped, the second book in The Blurs series, so close! And I've already started writing the third book in the series.I'm doing so good because I'm finishing what I started right? So proud of myself!

But I've had an idea I can not stop thinking about. So I ignored it. I really did for a few weeks but it wouldn't leave me alone. I continued working on Zapped. Ignoring. Almost finished Zapped, but I had to - I couldn't stop myself! - I did a rough outline. That's all!

But then a couple of days ago I started. I'm sorry. I confess. I wrote the first two chapters.  Hey I said I was sorry! It's really not an addiction it's just - I don't know! An obsession? Any better than an addiction? Nope. And did I get it out of my system? Nope. But I can breathe a little better. I think I will be working on the new series before I do the third in the Blurs series. Maybe. I can do both at the same time (never mind the Arthur and Zita series or Teddy and I! No I won't ignore these), but which one will be finished first? Your guess is as good as mine!

The name of the series - SURVIVAL ZONE


And - its for adults. So wish me luck right? So far so good. I get the shivers when I think about it. And what's going to happen. If it just gets down on paper as good as it goes in my head..........

And on top of all my writing ideas - we've got a new puppy! A german shepherd we named Lexi. She is so cute and cuddly! She's been in the house every day since we've got her. She's not supposed to be a house dog, none of ours are. We have four german shepherds now, three here at the house and one at my husbands garage. Love those dogs! We're not mean by leaving them outside. I have four kids and a husband. That's enough animals to clean up after in the house right! Lexi would be easier, trust me.

Life has been busy. Always is and hopefully always will be.

Have a wonderful day! Oh, and any guesses as to what Survival Zone is going to be about?

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