Saturday, November 8, 2014

Smoky white magic

Back to editing - shiver shiver. Some people like editing - not me. It means I can't write. And I can't - won't - until I get this done. But I'm working on it, one page at a time.

So here's the cover. Can't tell how nice it looks because it's white on white, but it's perfect. And so will the other covers be - Red Magic, Blue Magic.,,,,, Can't wait!

One thing bothers me though. My photographer is learning how to use smoke...........and my mind says- anyway, it starts this rotten thing called thinking. Does that too much at times. Sadly, not always when I want it to. Anyway, back to thinking. I'm thinking I might want to get some smokiness in that picture. Maybe. We'll try it out, but I've been really happy with this one for so long - don't get too mad, but it's hard to edit! Not fun!

Okay okay. I'm done whining. And yes this little blog post was procrastination. I'm going back toi edit now. I was just thinking about the cover.............

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