Sunday, November 2, 2014

Candles are DONE!

THIS - THIS many candles have taken so much of my time! Almost all of my time for the past month! All of my dining room...........oh the mess!

The pots of water on the stove..........the box of molds, the packages of dyes and scents, the wine glasses, mugs, glasses and candle holders.

All of it - oh don't forget the box of wicks and the kettle to melt the wax in - oh and the sheets of WAX  and the thermometer and the dripped wax.............

You can imagine the mess right? And boxes to pack them in. THAT was my dining room for over a month. And because it was so messy I though, oh well, what the heck, right? What's a little more? So I dragged up my sewing machine and serger to join the fun. And the fabric. And the beads. And the lace. And made some cute little barbie clothes!

But that's all finished! Thank goodness! And I found my tabl;e again! Woo hoo! I really found it! Have we eaten in there yet? Nope. But its there!

I am doing two birthday parties today for my daughters, 2-4 and 5-8. Rented the community center so I will be gone for the day - and THEN I have no excuses for not not finishing editing White Magic! I really wanted it finished for November so I could finally enter the NANO, but nope, next year.  I want this book finished! Now!

Crap. Didn't work. I checked. It isn't finished. Sigh............guess I'd better get on that. First - balloons. And streamers. And a happy birthday sign. And glow sticks for decorations.

And on another note, you should see the cute illustrations for my Fairy series! They are so adorable! Perfect! Exactly what I wanted! Now hopefully before Christmas I should get the first one out too! Yay!

Think it's possible to get three books out by Christmas? I' don't know.........White Mogic - I'm pushing. Zapped - if I finish White Magic editing I'll finish editing Zapped, and the Fairy series I am waiting for illustrations. I said it would be done but now, its November. November December. December Christmas.

Maybe. I'll work harder. Really I will.

But could you please explain to the kids why I'm ignoring them? Or why there's no clean clothes to wear?

Any one out there got a housekeeper to loan me/?


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