Saturday, July 18, 2015

brilliant teenager!

I'm going to tell a story. A true story that happened yesterday.

My thirteen year old daughter decided to bake a cake. Out of the box, yes, but it's still baking, right?
Except we are out of vegetable oil. Three things we need, it says soon the box. Eggs, vegetable oil, and water. I usually run out of eggs, but hey, this was a special day.

What would I have done? Put the cake mix back in the pantry for another day. Yup. I would have.

Do you know what she did? She used WHIPPED CREAM! Yes she did! Dream Whip Topping! Instead of vegetable oil! And guess what? The cake is delicious! As good as always, even better! And how much less fat is there in the cake? Sorry, I really should look into that. I'm really assuming that the whipped cream would be better than vegetable oil. I know I'd rather eat a spoonful of dream whip than vegetable oil, for sure.

How creative was she! Smart! Brilliant I say!

Except there was a little problem. No, a big one.

The cake was smaller than normal. Why you ask? Because half the batter was ALL OVER MY KITCHEN FLOOR! And did she try to clean it up? Nope. Not even the tiniest bit.And the mess on my counter. My stove. Dripping down the front of my cupboards............

Sigh. But the cake was delightful. And she mixed the frosting with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate sauce over it.

Yum. Unbelievably delicious.

But such hard work.

And that is my story.

Got any creative stories to tell me? If you've got any kids running around, I bet you do! Let's hear it!

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