Friday, October 26, 2012

Teddy and I

I'm back.  Tired, but here I am.
In a messy house.  Three out of four kids still awake - not just awake, wired.  And I'm ready for bed.
Sad.  But true.
So instead of putting two of them to bed, here I am on the computer.
But I'm so excited!  In my last post, I wrote about torturing - I mean, getting help from Tina.  Well, since then I haven't asked for anything!
Proud of me?  I am!
Of course that doesn't mean I wasn't pestering someone.......
Nicholas, my darling nephew of seventeen years.  Yup, I'm admitting it.  I pestered him.  I can write it here, because if I say it to his face I would never hear the end of it.
He is the illustrator (and a wonderful one!) for my Teddy and I series.  We finally have the Christmas one finished!  Okay, not really finished, but drawn.  So close............
Tomorrow, I would like to finish them, and the text, and Sunday I would love to upload it for sale.
Dreaming.............Sigh................But such a nice dream.
Tomorrow I will probably have to fight for the computer just to check my emails.  Sad obsession but obsession it is.  So to sit here for hours?  On a Saturday?  One computer?  Four kids?
Not going to happen.
But maybe by Tuesday, which means I'll be back to torturing Tina for her computer expertise.  And I'll leave Nick alone until Wednesday.
But it pays to know people doesn't it?
Here's one un-finished picture from the book.
IF I can figure out how to post it.............

And isn't it a cute picture?
I love the bright colors for the little kids to look at.
And I can't wait until the book is put together and I can hold it in my hands.
Dreaming again..................
But hey, I'm allowed to dream.  Right?


  1. haha, hilarious! I think I'll start torturing you more :) Luv YA!